Seller's Closing Costs

Sellers Closing Costs

This is a list of the typical closing costs associated with selling a home. Counties vary for title insurance, and transfer sales tax, so be sure to check with your escrow company to determine if the buyer or the seller pays for the title insurance.

  • Real Estate Commission
  • Documentation Prep
  • Deed Recording
  • County Transfer Tax
  • Notary Fees
  • Any city transfer/conveyance tax
  • Payoff of all loans
  • Interest accrued on the mortgage
  • HOA Documents
  • HOA transfer fee
  • Prorated share of homeowner's dues
  • Natural Hazard Disclosure
  • Prorated share of property taxes
  • Any judgment, tax liens, etc. against the seller

Since closing costs vary from one location to the next, such as title insurance (Southern CA seller pays, Northern CA buyer pays) please be sure to check with a real estate agent.