Inspections Every Seller Must Do Prior to Listing the Home

·         Inspections

·         Why do I as the Seller need to do inspections if the buyer will be doing their own inspections?

      That's a good question.The answer, because you want to know if anything requires your attention prior to putting our home on the market. Those items that could scare the buyer who might back out of the sale.

      You do not want surprises while in escrow. That doesn’t mean that the buyer’s inspector won’t find something wrong with the house, as we know no two people look at things the same way.

·       When you do inspections prior to marketing the home, it provides some level of confidence for the would be buyer. At the very lease get a Pest Inspection. Buyer's are always wary of termites and Section1 repair work.

·        Again as the seller you want to be prepared. Better to know than be blindsided.